Teens live in an imperfect world where people judge each other on looks, popularity, bank accounts, or clothing styles-a world where people are not always treated fairly. But animals do not care about poor test scores or bad skin; they simply love unconditionally. Such devotion

The Working with Animals publication is a unique and comprehensive resource designed to assist and inspire anyone who wants to work with animals. Whether you are a school leaver or a professional looking for a career change, this book will help you achieve your goal.

An examination of the strange-but-true animal phenomena observed in everyday house pets discusses pets who have crossed incredible distances to find loved ones, pets who have averted car crashes, pets who play musical instruments, and others. Strange Powers of Pets Free PDF Download Download PDF

Valentine Taylor, the daughter of a veterinarian, must save the life of an injured horse, as well as deal with other problems, while helping her father in his clinic. Pets are for Keeps Free PDF Download Download PDF