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A comprehensive and comical new illustrated guide to algebra Do you think that a Cartesian plane is a luxury jetliner? Does the phrase “algebraic expression” leave you with a puzzled look? Do you believe that the Order of Operations is an Emmy-winning medical drama? Then

The internationally bestselling authors of The Cartoon Introduction to Economics return to make calculus fun The award-winning illustrator Grady Klein has teamed up once again with the world’s only stand-up economist, Yoram Bauman, Ph.D., to take on the daunting subject of calculus. A supplement to

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Harrison considers how the cartoon works as a form of communication — why it affects us so quickly and deeply: how the cartoon is conceived, developed and disseminated; and what major issues still face researchers in attempting to understand its impact on people. ‘This little

This book charts the history of the Conservative Party through political cartoons from Benjamin Disraeli to David Cameron. Chapters presenting cartoons chronologically are supported by summaries of political history including work by Tenniel, Carruthers Gould, Low, Vicky, Cummings, Bell Brookes and Garland amongst many others.

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A range of cartoon drawings of various aircraft used by the VNAF (South Vietnamese Air Force) from the early years of 1950s until the last days of the Vietnam War in 1975. Bibliography of VNAF Cartoon by Vu Khai Co Title: VNAF Cartoon Author: Vu

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Political cartoons satirize the administration of President Reagan, American economic conditions, the nuclear arms race, the war in El Salvador, and other events around the world. Bibliography of Ban this Book!, A Cartoon Collection by Pat Oliphant Title: Ban this Book!, A Cartoon Collection Author:

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