Now completely revised and updated, this popular guide to the Arabic language has been a valuable resource for students for many years. In Arabic and Roman script, the book includes a guide to writing in Arabic, model sentences and vocabulary, explanations of irregular forms, and

Insight into PET is a short course which prepares candidates for the PET examination. Organised paper by paper, this course combines thorough exam coverage with snappy units to give students a clear sense of progress and achievement. Supplementary activities for the classroom or self-study are

Based on Latin American Spanish, presents the beginning Spanish student with basic to more advanced grammar instructions, vocabulary, and exercises in twelve lessons. Bibliography of Beginner’s Spanish by Ila Warner Title: Beginner’s Spanish Author: Ila Warner Publisher: Published on: 2000-10 ISBN 10: 0781808405 ISBN 13:

This is a conversational approach to the teaching and learning of the Tajiki language. It uses authentic language material to help learners as they proceed through its topic-based lessons. Its emphasis on the spoken language promotes oral fluency alongside written skills. Both lessons and appendices

This book includes a detailed outline of Assyrian grammar, transliterated texts, an extensive glossary and a comprehensive list of alphabets. Aramaic is also known as Assyrian and knowledge of it is a must for any serious scholar of the bible. The instruction guide is designed

This introduction to the Basque language is designed for the student or traveler seeking an elementary knowledge of Basque grammar and essential vocabulary for visiting the Basque country. Clear grammatical explanations and a focus on the fundamental differences between Basque and English, in combination with

A survey of the two main indigenous languages of Japan includes the most comprehensive study of the polysynthetic Ainu language yet to appear in English as well as a comprehensive analysis of Japanese linguistics. The Languages of Japan Free PDF Download Download PDF