This book displays the underlying structure of a complex body of law and integrates that structure with moral principles. Charles Fried grounds the basic legal institution of contract in the morality of promise, under which individuals incur obligations freely by invoking each other’s trust. Contract

Billings Learned Hand was one of the most influential judges in America. In Learned Hand: The Man and the Judge, Gerald Gunther provides a complete and intimate account of the professional and personal life of Learned Hand. He conveys the substance and range of Hand’s

In view of the trend of demoting education from “human right” to “human need”, this book seeks to affirm education as a “human right” and to describe the various state duties flowing from the right to education, by systematically analyzing article 13 of the International

Statutes of the Isle of Man Bibliography of Statutes of the Isle of Man by Isle of Man Title: Statutes of the Isle of Man Author: Isle of Man Publisher: Published on: 1921 ISBN 10: ISBN 13: Pages: Type: BOOK Genres: Law Version: Download