Cover note: Revisd edition including commentary on the 2002 World Cup. Bibliography of Soccer in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeano Title: Soccer in Sun and Shadow Author: Eduardo Galeano Publisher: Verso Published on: 2003 ISBN 10: 1859844235 ISBN 13: 9781859844236 Pages: 244 Type: BOOK

Provides information on sailing hulls, wind conditions, knots, tacking, reaching, jibing, mooring, anchors, emergencies, navigation, piloting, boat buying, equipment, and maintenance Bibliography of Sailing for Beginners by Moulton H. Farnham Title: Sailing for Beginners Author: Moulton H. Farnham Publisher: Macmillan General Reference Published on: 1986

This text and reference has been updated and expanded to reflect current trends in sport management and recreational sport. Recreational Sport Management Free PDF Download Download PDF

Mark B. Andersen examines authentic examples of sport psychologists at work to teach readers how to use their knowledge of sport psychology in an effective and efficient manner. Doing Sport Psychology Free PDF Download Download PDF