“Illustrated in this catalog are 100 political satires on the American Revolution from the Colonial Williamsburg collection. Each full-page illustration is accompanied by a brief interpretation and explanation, plus complete information on its original publication.”–Jacket. Bibliography of Rebellion and Reconciliation, Satirical Prints on the Revolution

The Ride of the Abernathy Boys Bibliography of The Ride of the Abernathy Boys by Miles Abernathy Title: The Ride of the Abernathy Boys Author: Miles Abernathy Publisher: Published on: 1911 ISBN 10: ISBN 13: Pages: 229 Type: BOOK Genres: United States Version: Download

This edited work is the collection of orderly assignments issued by General William Howe during his tenure in the United States during the revolution. The book contains general orders, remarks, battle and force returns, and some rosters of men. Bibliography of General Sir William Howe’s

Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year Bibliography of Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year by Charles Brooks Title: Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year Author: Charles Brooks Publisher: Pelican Publishing Published on: 2002 ISBN 10: 1455600814 ISBN 13: 9781455600816 Pages: 206 Type: BOOK Genres: United

Readers learn about the people and ideas that influenced the writing of the United States Constitution and the formation of the United States government. Shaping the Constitution Free PDF Download Download PDF