“The book meets the highest standards of scholarly rigor, and treatment of disputed issues is informative without being esoteric. An excellent general survey and introduction.” –Choice ” . . . will be enormously useful for those interested in teaching courses on Roman women or Roman

In this ethnographic examination of Mexican-American and white girls coming of age in California’s Central Valley, Julie Bettie turns class theory on its head, asking what cultural gestures are involved in the performance of class, and how class subjectivity is constructed in relationship to color,

According to reports of the World Health Organization, the prostitution of women and children is increasing dramatically throughout the world. The problem is particularly acute in the lower socioeconomic sectors of the population, including teen runaways, drug addicts, and victims of abuse. This survey focuses

In this second edition, Susan Carroll updates her pioneering study of women candidates and their campaigns in the aftermath of the “Year of the Woman.” Although in many regards the political climate has become vastly more favorable for female candidates, opportunities are still limited by

The Woman Citizen Bibliography of The Woman Citizen by Title: The Woman Citizen Author: Publisher: Published on: 1919 ISBN 10: ISBN 13: Pages: Type: BOOK Genres: Women Version: Download The Woman Citizen by PDF For Free Download PDF

Women and Other Women Bibliography of Women and Other Women, Essays in Wisdom by Hildegarde Hawthorne Title: Women and Other Women, Essays in Wisdom Author: Hildegarde Hawthorne Publisher: Published on: 1908 ISBN 10: ISBN 13: Pages: 231 Type: BOOK Genres: Electronic book Version: Download

Modern scholars have seen women’s most important religious activity in classical Greece as their participation in fertility rituals. Matthew Dillon’s wide-ranging study shows how women’s role in religion was more important than that of men. Bibliography of Girls and Women in Classical Greek Religion by