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“Censorship: A World Encyclopedia presents a comprehensive view of censorship, from Ancient Egypt to those modern societies that claim to have abolished the practice. For each country in the world, the history of censorship is described and placed in context, and the media censored are examined: art, cyberspace, literature, music, the press, popular culture, radio, television, and the theatre, not to mention the censorship of language, the most fundamental censorship of all. Also included are surveys of major controversies and chronicles of resistance. Censorship will be an essential reference work for students of the many subjects touched by censorship and for all those who are interested in the history of and contemporary fate of freedom of expression.”–Publisher’s description.

Bibliography of Censorship, A World Encyclopedia by Derek Jones

Title: Censorship, A World Encyclopedia

Author: Derek Jones

Publisher: Routledge

Published on: 2001-12

ISBN 10: 1136798641

ISBN 13: 9781136798641

Pages: 2950

Type: BOOK

Genres: Reference


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