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“Luminous and affecting . . . [Exposure] examines the often fine line between art and abuse. . . . Taut in plot, beautifully realistic, and intelligently disturbing.” –Harper’s Bazaar Ann Rogers appears to be a happily married, successful young woman. A talented photographer, she creates happy memories for others, videotaping weddings, splicing together scenes of smiling faces, editing out awkward moments. But she cannot edit her own memories so easily–images of a childhood spent as her father’s model and muse, the subject of his celebrated series of controversial photographs. To cope, Ann slips into a secret life of shame and vice. But when the Museum of Modern Art announces a retrospective of her father’s shocking portraits, Ann finds herself teetering on the edge of self-destruction, desperately trying to escape the psychological maelstrom that threatens to consume her. “Astounding . . . told in prose as multifaceted as a diamond, crystalline and mesmerizing. ‘Remarkable’ hardly goes far enough.” –Cosmopolitan “Impossible to put down . . . Kathryn Harrison is an extremely gifted writer, poetic, passionate, and elegant.” –San Francisco Chronicle “Exquisite, exhilarating, and harrowing.” –Donna Tartt, author of The Secret History and The Little Friend “A breathless urban nightmare not easy to forget. Stark, brilliant, and original work.” –Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Bibliography of Exposure, A Novel by Kathryn Harrison

Title: Exposure, A Novel

Author: Kathryn Harrison

Publisher: Random House

Published on: 2011-04-06

ISBN 10: 0307765997

ISBN 13: 9780307765994

Pages: 240

Type: BOOK

Genres: Fiction


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