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Murphy on Evidence is firmly established as a leading student text, framing the law of evidence in its practical context, suitable for undergraduates as well as those studying for professional law exams. Frequently consulted by judges and practitioners, and regularly cited in judgments, it has come to be regarded as a work of authority throughout the common law world. The book’s unique approach effectively bridges the gap between the academic study of the law of evidence and its application in practice, combining detailed analysis of the law with a wealth of practical information about how it is used in the courtroom. The text is accompanied by two well-crafted fictional cases – one criminal and one civil – allowing students an opportunity to contextualize and test their growing knowledge. Each chapter presents challenging issues and questions for discussion which can be applied to a suite of supporting case documentation. Online Resource Centre The book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, which contains: DT Supporting documents and multimedia resources for the two fictional cases, including: Prosecution and defence case papers Police interviews (incl. transcripts, audio, and video) Witness statements Criminal procedure forms Civil claim forms DT A range of multiple-choice questions enabling students to test their knowledge DT A list of useful web links

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Title: Murphy on Evidence

Author: Richard Glover

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Published on: 2017-05-25

ISBN 10: 0198788738

ISBN 13: 9780198788737

Pages: 816

Type: BOOK

Genres: Law

Version: preview-1.0.0

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