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Set in the unstable political climate of the Philippines, and based on a number of true events, No Sanctuary But Hell is a tense powerful story of brutality and betrayal that opens the door into the hidden depths of third-world terrorism and political intrigue. Rashid Ali, is a Muslim terrorist, malevolent and ruthless, a cold-blooded killer. General Cesar Aguinaldo, his nemesis, is ambitious and powerful, but with a murky past. A dark incident years earlier which saw Ali’s parents murdered in cold blood by Aguinaldo, is the trigger linking the two men and which sends their lives spiralling towards certain conflict – and tragedy. Ali and his beautiful sister Sarimah plot the downfall and destruction of the man, because twelve years on Ali’s lust for revenge is as entrenched as ever. He lives and breathes to see the ultimate demise of the object of his hate. He discriminates between no-one, prepared to destroy all whom he sees as a barrier in his single minded crusade. In the interim, to his chagrin, the same man has risen through the ranks to become the country’s top soldier. General Cesar Aguinaldo, Chief of the Armed Forces, is knocking at the door of ultimate power, Ferdinand Marcos’s personal favourite to succeed him as the next President of the Philippines. Unknowingly Ali has a perverse ally in his quest for retribution: Defence Secretary Fernandez, who sees Aguinaldo as a political rival as well as an aspirant for his wife’s attentions, hates the man with a passion approaching that of Ali. Inevitable conflict looms and the ensuing maelstrom of violence wrought determines not only the destiny of Ali and Aguinaldo but also that of co-conspirators linked to the two central characters, who weave their own blend of treachery to satisfy personal agendas of greed and revenge. Dark and gritty, No Sanctuary But Hell is a tautly plotted on-the-edge thriller, by a new British writing talent, of atypical hostility and duplicity portrayed by men – and a woman – with determined but warped ambitions.

Bibliography of No Sanctuary But Hell by Peter W. Desjardins

Title: No Sanctuary But Hell

Author: Peter W. Desjardins

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Published on: 2004

ISBN 10: 1412040663

ISBN 13: 9781412040662

Pages: 339

Type: BOOK

Genres: Fiction


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