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Liz Lally wrote a book about her husband, Tom, two years ago titled Help! I Married a Cartoon Character. Some friends remarked, Liz, you and Tom are two of a kind and definitely Cartoon Characters. Liz shouted, No, I am not a Cartoon Character! Everyone replied in unison, Yes, you are! Liz journeyed back in time to see if some of her experiences may be cartoony and a vision of her second grade picture flashed through her mind. Her hair was parted in the middle and pulled back in braids, her front teeth were missing, and she wore gold thick wire rim safety glasses that were always bent so half of one eye was above the glasses. She may not have been a cartoon character yet but she certainly looked the part. Cartoony situations immediately came to mind. Then she realized these same friends that were accusing her of being a Cartoon Character were with her and sometimes the cause of many of the cartoony encounters. Liz reveals the humorous, cartoony adventures of herself, family, friends, and the people around her. Everyone can relate to these adventures in view of the fact that there is a little Cartoon Character in all of us.

Bibliography of Noooo! I’m Not a Cartoon Character by Liz Lally

Title: Noooo! I’m Not a Cartoon Character

Author: Liz Lally

Publisher: iUniverse

Published on: 2013-08

ISBN 10: 1491702516

ISBN 13: 9781491702512

Pages: 156

Type: BOOK

Genres: Humor


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