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In the summer of 1875, two travellers walk south across the Lincolnshire Wolds to a village riven with dark secrets. When Norman Tanner kills his workmate on a cold February morning a century later, he thinks he’s got away with murder. But Norman doesn’t know about the workmate’s girlfriend, or the child that will come back to haunt him; and how he is caught up in a story that stretches back to that Victorian summer. For some in the village of Southby and its nearby grand estate, man is master of his fate, and the world is full of meaning; for others there is nothing but grass.

Bibliography of Nothing But Grass by Will Cohu

Title: Nothing But Grass

Author: Will Cohu

Publisher: Random House

Published on: 2015-06-11

ISBN 10: 147352198X

ISBN 13: 9781473521988

Pages: 416

Type: BOOK

Genres: Fiction


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