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As might be expected, the inspiration for this introduction came to me in a dream. Now, finally, I know the book is complete. It represents a long tenacious labor of many small quiet moments collected into a form that I hope you will enjoy. The text holds all the dreams (::) that I have written down. I began that recording process in the spring of 1981 at the age of 22. They span from my fourth year up to my forty-fifth, 1963 to 2004. These are actual nocturnal visions that were given to me in sleep. I have polished on them intensely all spring and feel that they have become a worthy set of image poems. The ink drawings (>>) were done while awake. They are grouped to improve the flow of reading. Those sections do mark the moment in time of their actual public showings. Interspersing each of them into its chronological place would not do justice to the hundreds of other things that I have doodled and failed to capture. In total they present the story of a life. The narration and art are only (mostly) from the usually silent unconscious. Mundane events and needs have caused large gaps in the time-line. This work can be seen as a true novel or as an odd autobiography. Each entry is a crumb from my dreaming mind. I welcome you to the feast.

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