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Miracle on the Atlantic Coast is different from many books before it that usually recite the causes and effects of perpetual poverty in Liberia and other developing countries. This book, however, offers a new Vision of Unity, Peace, Equality, Fairness, Justice, Hope, Opportunity and Prosperity for all Liberians. As Liberia reaches 185 years since its founding and 160 years of Independence, the time is now for each and every Liberian to fill our hearts and minds with Positive Patriotism anchored by Love for God, Love for Ourselves as Liberians, Love for Liberia and Love for each and every fellow Liberian. This vision is a Vision of Positive Patriotism. With a new Vision, the book implores Liberians to embark on building a New Foundation for our beloved Republic since the foundation that was built in 1822 has been destroyed and/or is obsolete. The land, Liberia, is blessed with abundant natural resources such as gold, diamonds, iron ore, rubber, timber and the necessary manpower. This book lays out strategies on how Liberians can protect, unify and professionally manage our country; marshal and develop Liberia’s human and financial capital, natural resources; build new inclusive permanent functional institutions, eliminate corruption, create jobs for the 85% of Liberians that are unemployed today and bring about the rapid economic and social development of Liberia. Equally important, the pages of this book offer practical strategies and step-by-step implementation guides that will make the new Vision a reality and lift Liberia out of the deep valley of poverty to the great heights of prosperity! With God’s help and Liberian’s hard work, we can turn Liberia into a Miracle on the Atlantic Coast in less than twenty years. Finally, the strategies in this book when applied carefully can lift any developing country from extreme poverty to unprecedented prosperity.

Bibliography of Stepping Into Manhood, A Take-Action Handbook for Men by Brad Sullivan

Title: Stepping Into Manhood, A Take-Action Handbook for Men

Author: Brad Sullivan

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Published on: 2008-10-01

ISBN 10: 1438926642

ISBN 13: 9781438926643

Pages: 160

Type: BOOK

Genres: Religion


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