Presents a collection of essays focusing on books that are most frequently challenged in schools and libraries. Censored Books, Critical Viewpoints Free PDF Download Download PDF

Linguists and non-linguists will find in this volume a guide and reference source to the rich linguistic heritage of Australia. Bibliography of Language in Australia by Suzanne Romaine Title: Language in Australia Author: Suzanne Romaine Publisher: Cambridge University Press Published on: 1991 ISBN 10: 0521339839

Offers a detailed examination of theories about literacy developed by different academic disciplines and proposes an “ideological” model of literacy. Looks at contemporary literacy practices in the third world and Britain and, in particular, the literacy campaigns conducted by UNESCO. Bibliography of Literacy in Theory

Provides a readers’ advisory guide that focuses on boy-friendly categories of genre fiction and nonfiction, and includes information on how to conduct a readers’ advisory interview. Bibliography of Serving Boys Through Readers’ Advisory by Michael Sullivan Title: Serving Boys Through Readers’ Advisory Author: Michael Sullivan

Harrison considers how the cartoon works as a form of communication — why it affects us so quickly and deeply: how the cartoon is conceived, developed and disseminated; and what major issues still face researchers in attempting to understand its impact on people. ‘This little

In this lively and practical guide, notable teen experts and practitioners explain why service to teens in this age range is so important, and how you can enhance your collection and services to accommodate and win over this important group. Topics range from understanding older

This fifth Gotcha! book, aimed at public and school librarians and teachers, discusses well-reviewed and kid-tested nonfiction titles for third through eighth grade readers published in 2005-2007 with a few extra oldies but goodies added in. Chapters are built around the high- interest topics kids