Ötzi the iceman could not do without wood when he was climbing his Alpine glacier, nor could medieval cathedral-builders or today’s construction companies. From time immemorial, the skill of the human hand has developed by working wood, so much so that we might say that

First printed in 1702, this eyewitness account of the Salem Village witchcraft trials, and the events leading up to them, was written by Reverend John Hale, who concludes that it was Satan, not the witches, who used the manipulation of objects to afflict others. Bibliography

The Tripartite Nature of Man, Spirit, Soul, and Body Bibliography of The Tripartite Nature of Man, Spirit, Soul, and Body, Applied to Illustrate and Explain the Doctrines of Original Sin, the New Birth, the Disembodied State, and the Spiritual Body by John Bickford Heard Title:

THE argument for animal rights, a classic since its appearance in 1983, from the moral philosophical point of view. Bibliography of The Case for Animal Rights by Tom Regan Title: The Case for Animal Rights Author: Tom Regan Publisher: Univ of California Press Published on:

Raccoons presents detailed information on raccoon evolution,physical characteristics, social behavior, habitats, food habits,reproduction, and conservation, as well as their relationship withhumans and many other topics. The section on distribution andsubspecies focuses on the raccoon’s current range expansion, andthe material on their cultural significance demonstrates thismammal’s

“Gould’s attention to the ironies and ambivalences that abound in the practice of homesteading provides fresh and insightful perspective.”–Beth Blissman, Oberlin College “This luminously written ethnography of the worlds that homesteaders make significantly broadens our understanding of modern American religion. In richly textured descriptions of