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The Postcolonial Novel provides a concise and invaluable introduction to the rise of postcolonial literatures in English through close readings of seminal novels. These novels which continue to generate debate long after publication and have influenced the ways in which we think about literature and literary studies provide an ideal entry point to the subject for students. Each main chapter begins with a helpful introductory overview, and then closely reads a key novel before moving on to examine the impact and significance of that particular text. The book as a whole works to introduce and explain the emergence of theoretical discourse from these close readings, drawing extensively upon leading indigenous and western critics and theorists. Students will be encouraged to use this book to debate a wide range of critical issues that have been generated by postcolonial literatures. Richard J. Lane is Professor of English, Malaspina University-College, Canada

Bibliography of The Postcolonial Novel by Richard Lane

Title: The Postcolonial Novel

Author: Richard Lane

Publisher: Polity

Published on: 2006-07-21

ISBN 10: 0745632793

ISBN 13: 9780745632797

Pages: 146

Type: BOOK

Genres: Language Arts & Disciplines

Version: preview-1.0.0

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