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The Sinful Woman is a beautiful illustration of repentance. A woman with a past, finds her way to Jesus’ feet and collapses in spite of all the obstacles and hurdles that have been laid before her. This is a woman on a mission. Judgments, labels, past hurts and sins do not stand in her way. She latches onto Christ’s unconditional love and forgiveness. She becomes broken. A beautiful brokenness that sees joy and hope in the midst of suffering and pain. A brokenness that can see Jesus Christ reaching out a hand of love and forgiveness through the tears in her eyes. She finds a Jesus that will love her right where she is at. The woman looked at as a Sinner, rises up no longer to be looked at as the Sinful Woman she once was but as the woman God intended her to be. She becomes Victorious.

Bibliography of The Sinful Woman by Ann Kagarise

Title: The Sinful Woman

Author: Ann Kagarise

Publisher: Xulon Press

Published on: 2005-03

ISBN 10: 1597811408

ISBN 13: 9781597811408

Pages: 156

Type: BOOK

Genres: Fiction


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