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This book contains a brief discussion of the theories on creation, good and evil, as they are presented by the Jewish mystical tradition. It is a body of knowledge which often appears difficult to comprehend to those who approach it. In this book we endeavor to propose an interpretation mediated by the language of modern psychology. The book begins with an examination of the Ten Commandments, which are juxtaposed with the Sefirot, the “”Divine Emanations”” of Cabbala. The main concepts of Cabbala theology on the creation of the world are then considered: the tzimtzum (“”contraction””), the “”Breaking of the Vessels,”” caused by the disposition of the “”Iggulim”” (“”circles””) of the Sefirot, the new creation of the Sefirot according to the scheme of the tree of Cabbala. The theories on good and evil and man’s task of repairing the world (the so called “”reintegration of the world””) are then interpreted and commented on in the language of modern psychology, based on the most important studies published by Alice Miller.

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