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The “wise, wildly funny story” of a self-destructive writer’s lost weekend by a Pulitzer Prize–winning, New York Times–bestselling author (Chicago Tribune). A wildly successful first novel made Grady Tripp a young star, and seven years later he still hasn’t grown up. He’s now a writing professor in Pittsburgh, plummeting through middle age, stuck with an unfinishable manuscript, an estranged wife, a pregnant girlfriend, and a talented but deeply disturbed student named James Leer. During one lost weekend at a writing festival with Leer and debauched editor Terry Crabtree, Tripp must finally confront the wreckage made of his past decisions. Mordant but humane, Wonder Boys features characters as loveably flawed as any in American fiction. This ebook features a biography of the author.

Bibliography of Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon

Title: Wonder Boys

Author: Michael Chabon

Publisher: Open Road Media

Published on: 2011-12-20

ISBN 10: 1453234101

ISBN 13: 9781453234105

Pages: 372

Type: BOOK

Genres: Fiction


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